Michael Drews, Owner of Drews Solar.

Michael Drews, Owner

I’m a solar professional specializing in residential installations in southern Wisconsin.  I love helping customers find the best most effective way to produce their own clean power from the sun.

I graduated with a mechanical engineering degree from UW Madison in 2005 and have been working in the solar industry ever since.  I’ve worked for great companies in Madison, Chicago and Los Angeles in a wide variety of capacities – from sales to design, to installation and management.  I've personally installed over 100 solar energy systems and have overseen the installation of over 5,000 more. I believe in using solar panels to make homes more beautiful and independent, and that the process of getting solar panels on your house should be easy, straight-forward and without hassle. 

I grew up on a farm outside of Fox Lake, Wisconsin, and it’s there that I learned a solid work ethic from my mother and father and the others around me.  They showed me that you could get dirty, sweat and work hard, but take joy in the task that you’ve accomplished.  I’m down to earth, approachable and clear with my communication, and I’d love to put solar panels on your home!

Master Electrician License # 1335694     |     Contractor License # 1343059     |     Fully Licensed & Insured

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Maria Drews, Customer Support

Michael and I met on a service trip to the Florida Everglades while attending UW Madison. We spent our days cutting out invasive species and planting native trees to restore the natural environment. Now, many years later, our partnership of hard work, environmental responsibility, and service continue. 

I spent my years at UW Madison studying Civil Engineering with a focus on environmental engineering and water quality, interested in the ways technology and design can make our world a cleaner, healthier, and more efficient place. After earning my masters degree I spent a decade working in education, ministry, and social services. With Drews Solar, I am passionate about bringing the best of both worlds together - professional design and engineering alongside clear communication and excellent service. 

Drews Solar is a family business. And by working together we ensure that you get ongoing updates about the progress of your solar project and a quick response when you need it. I'm looking forward to working with you!