Our experience with Drews Solar

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We wanted to install solar panels to generate electricity for our house. We had numerous questions, and began by searching the internet for contractors. We contacted a number of them, but were immediately drawn to the Drews Solar website, because of the wealth of information it presented. The site anticipated and answered a number of our common questions.

Mike Drews came out to Ela Orchard, our farm, and we discussed our particular situation. I was impressed with how Mike immediately focused on issues that could be complications and how they might be dealt with.

Mike was friendly and straight forward about his schedule and about his expectations for when he could start our project.

After comparing a number of bids, Drews Solar was competitive and we asked Mike to go ahead.

Mike worked mostly alone and accomplished the installation in what seemed to us a remarkably short time. Through the process Mike answered our questions and kept us informed about its progress. He dealt with the regulatory paper work, and the whole process went smoothly.

We now have ground mounted solar panels generating electricity and we are greatly enjoying getting to know them as we move through the seasons.

It is hard for us to imagine a better solar panel installation experience. We continue to appreciate Mike’s work, his professionalism, his thoughtfulness, and his good company.

Bob Willard

Jane Hamilton