The Benefits of Ground-Mount Arrays

I often have customers who want to go solar but don't have a good roof for it - they might have too much shade, their roof might face the wrong direction, or the roof is in bad shape or there are underlying structural issues. But if they have a good open area on their property with little shade and without other obstacles, a ground-mounted solar array can help them realize their dream of going solar.

The best location for a ground-mount installation is typically about 100-300 feet away from a home, in a cleared area with a good southern sun exposure. This is where we would erect a metal rack to hold the solar panels. Most solar racks have a pitch of 30-40 degrees and are about 8-10 feet tall, while the footprint dimensions are based on the number of panels you choose. 

The typical ground-mount installation will cost about $3,000 more than a system of similar size mounted on a rooftop. This cost comes from the labor and materials it takes to dig and pour concrete piers for the solar rack and to trench transmission wires to the house. But for many customers this extra expense is worth it because it allows them to get the $2,000 state rebate and locate their panels in shade-free location with an optimal tilt, yielding better production over the years to come.

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