Wisconsin Rebate

State rebate up to $4,000

The 2019 residential rebate for these zip codes is 12% of the system cost and is capped at $4,000.  The cap for all other zip codes is $2,000. The solar array must meet several requirements, the two most important being the solar panels must be orientated within 45 degrees of due South and must receive 10% or less shading from nearby structures and/or vegetation. To receive this incentive, click here to make sure your utility is a Focus on Energy partner. After the system has been installed, you will receive the rebate in the mail in the form of a check.

Federal Tax Credit

30% tax credit for homeowners

You may claim the 30% credit on your income taxes for the year that the system installation was completed and commissioned by the utility. The credit is claimed on IRS Form 5695, and you can include all costs you incurred when installing the solar system. If the tax amount that you owe is less than your credit, you can claim the credit to pay for that year's taxes, but the balance will carry to the following year. Just remember that the credit drops to 26% in 2020, 22% in 2021, and to 0% in 2022.


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NOTE: This information is to be used as a guide, and is not a guarantee that any specific system size, system price or incentive will be available for any specific project.  Every incentive program has unique qualifications and processes that must be met to receive the specific incentive.  Not all incentives apply to every jurisdiction or utility in Wisconsin – we will help you determine which incentives are helpful to you!