Current Base Prices

  Includes everything for a fully-operational system (labor, etc).

Includes everything for a fully-operational system (labor, etc).

It makes sense to wait, right?

We get that question all the time. And in all honestly, that used to be the case - but not anymore. Solar panel prices started leveling off a few years ago, and since, prices have been fairly steady, sometimes even going up. You might save $300 by waiting another few years, but when the average customer saves $800-$1,100 per year when they go solar, waiting no longer makes sense.

Incentives can help.

Incentives typically shave off 30-40% of the cost.

Our systems

Typically payback in 9-10 years

Are maintenance free

 Last 30-40 years

NOTE: System price, incentives, payback and system size are basic estimates, and will vary depending on many factors including equipment selection, array tilt and orientation, shading, installation methods and your electric utility. Consider requesting a free estimate to learn about solar for your particular home.