Do the solar panels produce electricity?

Yes. They complement the electricity provided by your utility, and do not provide heat, unless your building has electric heat.

Do the solar panels turn off if my power goes out?

Yes. They turn off to protect utility workers who are servicing their utility lines and poles.

Do the solar panels store their energy in batteries?

No. Batteries can be used in buildings that aren’t connected to a power utility and need to store energy from the solar panels. If you are interested in batteries for emergency backup power, a small portable generator is almost always a more cost-effective solution. Battery systems are very expensive, require maintenance, and reduce the efficiency of your solar panel system.

Do the solar panels require maintenance?

No. The solar panel system is designed and built to be maintenance-free.

Do the solar panels simply plug into my electrical panel?

Yes. Just like any other appliance, they are connected to your main panel (or sub panel) via a circuit breaker.

Do the solar panels SPIN my utility meter backwards?

Yes. When the solar panel system produces more electricity than you’re using in the building, the solar panels will push the electricity backwards and your utility meter will give you a credit. And your neighbors will get a little clean energy thanks to your solar panels!

Do the solar panels provide all the electricity i need?

Possibly. Most solar panel systems offset between 70% and 100% of the electricity consumption in the home. Sometimes we're limited by the available roof space and other times by the customer's budget.